About Us

About Us

Shelby Jo Long-Hammond - Director and CEO

Long-Hammond's consulting and executive coaching work has been with non-profit organizations, real estate agents, government agencies, and other small businesses. With her experience in the realm of business communication, she has been asked to speak for training sessions at several companies. She is also central to a new manager and advanced manager training sessions with a local university.

Shelby is a professor and director of the debate program at Rocky Mountain College since 2006. Her concentration in the world of communication centers around business communication. She teaches courses in Organizational Communication, Business Communication, Persuasion, Small Group Communication, Public Speaking, Political Communication and debate.

Shelby's work in persuasion and debate has also inspired her to develop an advocacy and leadership training program in the Tribal Colleges in Montana. She interacts with students at the tribal colleges in collaborative small group work with local issues that spur discussion. Her collaboration has produced a creative advocacy network at these colleges that is drawing national attention. Shelby's extensive experience in coaching a college debate program has taken her all over the world. She has worked with clients from Morocco, Bosnia, Slovenia, Mexico and Ireland.

Business Dynamics

Our approach blends academic research with practical strategies to create a customized solutions for the human communication network with organizations. Organizational culture research from Edgar Schein influences our approach to exploring the communication behavior within a company. Organizational sensemaking research from Karl Weick influences how we search for strategies that are appropriate for each unique company. The organizational nexus approach identifies how an organization can create a cohesive approach to best achieve the company's goals.

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For more information contact Shelby Long-Hammond at businessdynamics18@gmail.com or call 406-531-5761