Business Leadership Mastermind

Who: Business Dynamics will host a local business development series bi-weekly
What: This Series is designed to learn what it takes to run a business AND develop the culture within the business so that your business can perform at max capacity and become the business that you actually want!
Where: The Northern Hotel – Limited enrollments available
When: First session starts on Wednesday September 18th from 3pm – 4:30pm and will occur every other Wednesday

  • Your first session is free.
  • Any session after that will cost $49 or
  • you can subscribe to a monthly fee of $79 and attend as many sessions as you want

Why do this series: Small business owners have so much to deal with on any given day. From working with consumers, to vendors, to employees, accountants, HR, and even just performing your own role. There is little time to learn how to best run the practice. As a business owner you will learn how to make your business thrive instead of just survive. Taking this coaching series will give an entrepreneur the skills to achieve the three most important goals for their business:

Develop the culture of their business | Learn the basics of running a business |Cultivate growth

What you will learn: Each session there will be a topic. Topics will consist of important business functions like:

  • Developing a mission statement
  • Learning how to market and advertise effectively
  • the power of internal communication with the people you work with everyday
  • How to empower your employees
  • Employee retention – which leads to better sales and customer retention
  • Conflict management
  • How to grow your business
  • How to develop the overall culture of your business
  • And so much more….
How a mastermind series works:
  1. A topic will be taught in depth that relates to business leadership
  2. An assignment will be given during the class to help business owners consume the topic hands on.
  3. The class wraps up with a collaboration with everyone in the group – this is where you enter the mastermind collaboration: peers will collaborate, educate and brainstorm with each other about the session topic

Enroll today or call Shelby to find out more information on the Business Leadership Coaching series. There are no contracts, check it out for free for your first session and see if it is for you! She will even do a consult with you to learn the current state of affairs of your business so that she can tell you if this is a good fit for you!

This series will give you the skill set needed to make your business perform the way you dreamed it would when you first started. Learning the skills is only a part of it. The other part is being in a group of other business owners and being able to collaborate with them while learning about these vitals skills that it takes to run a business. You can share and learn from each other’s obstacles.