January 30th, 2019

Relationships are essential to business. Relationships between your clients, your employees, and other businesses are necessary for creating and sustaining your business. These connections are the source of your business culture. We rely on this network to sustain and grow our business. In my next few blog posts, I will explore these different relationship levels. This week, I will explore the relationship with the client.

Client generation is critical to any business. Businesses need clients to survive and it is impossible to think about growth unless we expand our client base. Client generation does not happen without communication. When business owners and employees understand the needs and communication habits of clients, there is a higher potential for a business transaction.

Communication is key in the sales process. There is an important connection between the task of selling and the relationship that is built during a sale. The tension between the task and relationship dimension between the buyer and seller is critical to a successful transaction. An understanding of the different buyer types and how to adapt your communication to these clients will help you build trust between you and the client. This is great for immediate business, future business and referrals. Studies vary on this topic, but there is agreement on a few major themes. The typical buyer personality types fall into four categories: AssertiveAnalyticalAmiable, and Artistic

The assertive client likes to be in control, is competitive and goal oriented. They are less concerned about developing a relationship with the person and more concerned about the outcome.  Be logical, direct and fact oriented when speaking to assertive buyers.  They will respond to direct statements but will also attempt to drive the conversation. Take control and discuss results and the return on investment with these types of buyers.

An analytical customer is thoughtful, comparative, and typically distrustful of sales people. They like to see the logic behind the purchase. Use facts and examples when selling to an analytical audience. Compare your product/service to your competitors and take your time with these personality types. Ask questions and discuss some potential drawbacks to avoid risk. Analytical buyers appreciate the extra attention and thoughtfulness rather than the sales pitch.


An amiable personality is friendly, loyal, and low risk. These customers are primarily concerned with developing a relationship. Seek common ground through small talk and show a general interest with amiable buyers. They are loyal to service providers and sales people with whom they choose to business because they tend avoid conflict and negotiation. If you show a personal commitment and attempt to create a relationship, you will gain business with this buyer type.

Artistic and expressive buyers are assertive and impulsive. They typically have a short attention span and will make quick decisions, These personality types are fulfilled by relationship as well as accomplishing a task.  Tell stories and discuss experiences with artistic buyers, because they typically make decisions in the first day. Artistic buyers are assertive so use goal oriented language to help close the deal.
Adapting your communication to your audience is essential in business. Start to understand your client base and their communication needs to build better relationships, create a returning customer base, and to gain more referral business.
I help you develop unique communication strategies for your business transactions. The target audience is key to marketing and to business but communicating with different personality types is how you compete in this market. Let’s explore the different possibilities of your business culture.Feel free to email or call.