The Path to a Strong Foundation

Every business needs a strong foundation to run smoothly. When a business develops efficient and productive systems, the flow of information allows for increased productivity, employee engagement and growth in profit.

Target Audience:
Entrepreneurs and new businesses
This program takes any type of small business through the steps of securing a strong foundation to ensure their business is working in a productive fashion


1) Mindset, Mission & Vision & Branding
This coaching module helps business owners clarify their product and core values of the business so they can prepare for structuring their business. A distinctive mission and vision statement serves as the driving message for a business. The core themes and values of the company start each business on a path of a unique brand of your business

2) Business Plans and goals
This module explores the short and long term goals of the business. We then go into the business planning process to ensure the necessary processes are in place to achieve your business goals.

3) Business Culture
This module explores the impact of a strong business culture. Business culture is composed of the beliefs and morale within the business environment. When business management articulates these expectations through their core values, employee morale and satisfaction will improve. A well articulated business culture will give a business a stronger connection with current clients and be more attractive to potential clients

4) Powerful Leadership
This module explores how a powerful leadership can create a strong business. Through organizational strategies, internal goal setting, motivating employees, and providing the important link between management and employees, a leader can transform their business. Gain confidence and power as a leader.

5) The Ideal Client/Target Market/Subtarget market
This module works helps a business owner identify the ideal client for their product or service. This pre-marketing strategy clarifies your messaging and is the start to your marketing strategy. Starting this process with an ideal client will allow you to grow to different target markets in an efficient manner.

6) Communication with customers
This module explores communication strategies for your ideal client, other target markets and your local market. We begin to strategize you marketing as your business prepares to open or go through a transition. With a clear initiation strategy, a customer engagement plan, and a feedback system, your business will become a source of return business, referrals, and a double in profit.

7) Networking
This module examines strategies to develop a robust interbusiness network and community connection to enhance your business practice. Understand the resources and possibilities that exist in similar businesses and your competition. Your network will enhance your business.

8) Preparing for growth
This module explores the power of a strong business culture. Culture is created through the internal and external communication within your business. Strategies to establish a strong culture and maintain that culture are critical for business success.

5 things true leaders do every day

One of the first things you'll learn through Business Dynamics is that leadership is a process. As you participate in our ongoing leadership development programs, you'll start to notice that you...

  • Take action-nothing gets done unless someone takes the initiative. Too many companies pass the buck; yours shouldn't be one of them.
  • Motivate others-a true leader says, "Let's go!" Lead the rest of your company toward success.
  • Provide guidance-you've honed your vision. Now spur others toward it. Even if motivation dwindles, you'll have the skills needed to get your company back on track.
  • Instill confidence-confident people create confidence in others.
  • Boost morale-with your guidance, your employees can help your company succeed.
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