This is a busy time of year for many of us. Our schedules typically transition as school begins and we settle into the fall. Our day is filled with choices. Simple choices that range from what we choose to wear in the morning, to what we are going to eat for lunch, to how we prioritize our work day. Routine decisions that confront us every day can be overwhelming. We may suffer option paralysis and experience stress in our family and work life. Productivity decreases and our work and personal relationships are strained.

We can confront this schedule stress with a few basic actions.

1) Automate your simple decisions.

Acts as simple as setting out your clothes, packing your lunch, or creating a priority list the night before will allow you space to think about your day in the morning. You will save time, money, and improve your relationships when you automate some of these daily activities. You will allow yourself time to be more productive. Creating priority list at night can help you think about your day and the goals you would like to accomplish before the day even begins.

The same automation can happen in business. Customer Relations Management systems are an example of this automation. CRM systems can help you develop and maintain your communication with all of your current and potential clients. CRM systems come in many platforms. Small business owners can find a CRM that fits the needs of their business. Automating your communication will save time, enable you to develop relationships with your clients, and help you communicate better with your team.

Think about your work day. What takes the most time? Can you automate some of this process to give you more time to grow your business elsewhere?

2) List and prioritize your activities.

We have hundreds of decisions to make in business management. When we launch our business, we have to think about our website, marketing, employees, networking, our mission and vision, and an endless list of other tasks to help get our business off the ground. As an existing business owner, we are challenged with the existing management structure and planning for the next step of our business. Setting goals and strategically planning our activities will help us head in the right direction as we start to think about our daily activities.

Working in a goal structure keeps us focused on achieving the larger dreams that we have for our business. These overarching goals are important for our business, but a more focused goal structure helps us think about what we need to achieve in each month, week and day. Working toward these micro goals help us move toward the larger goals AND it helps us focus our team efforts to move toward achieving these larger business objectives.

Think about the larger business goals you want to achieve this year. Think about HOW you will achieve these goals and then break down the strategies into months, weeks and days.

3) Schedule your time.

Designate time during your day for productivity and for leisure time. A focused mindset is a critical element to help you concentrate on your work. When you intentionally schedule time for you to work, you will be in the right mindset and you will be able to focus on your work. Leisure and down time is equally as important to help you be in the right mindset to focus on your work. Schedule your day so you also have ‘down time’ to off set your work time. For example, if you discover that you are occasionally distracted by social media, schedule 15-20 minutes of time that you can browse social media.

Personal development time is also important in your scheduling. Designating a time for exercise, professional development groups, or even social time with your colleagues and friends will enable you to focus during your designated work time. This social time allows you to decompress and prepare to be focused when you go back to work.

We can make it through this busy time of year with a little planning.

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